About the Santa Cruz Construction Guild

Your Hub of Local Construction and Home Improvement in Santa Cruz, California.

The Santa Cruz Construction Guild is a group of local tradesmen, suppliers and other building professionals working in and around our local community. Our members have a history of having performed good work in our community. Many of us have built up a solid business by referrals from happy customers.

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Referrals are also the basis for the Santa Cruz Construction Guild. Membership in the Santa Cruz Construction Guild is by referral. It is based upon certain trusted working relationships that members have established in the local community.

The comments on the member pages originate with customers in the local community by sole invitation of the members themselves. You can contact us with any questions, comments and requests directly.

Guild members who receive serious unresolved complaints from customers will not remain in the guild for long.

We sincerely hope that you find this site useful as a starting point in your search for help with your project.


State of California Contractors State License Board
P.O. Box 26000
Sacramento, CA 95826

Commercial and Residential Contractors License Required.


The most important rule: Your word is your signature! INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING! Follow through with what you tell people. If you tell someone you are going to be there at a certain time, be there! If you tell someone that you are going to do something, do it!
The Guild is built on Trust and Integrity. In the end, you’re as good as your word. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Your membership will automatically renew unless you have unresolved issues with clients or other outstanding issues. Your membership is based on your reputation and how you conduct yourself. If during the course of the year you run into some issues with clients or some other problem, what the guild expects is that you handle it in a professional manner. “We will all have our moments where we make mistakes or someone is unhappy with us, it’s how we resolve those issues that makes the difference.”

You are a guild member because one of your peers refereed you or recommended you.
Participate in your guild. The more you give to the group, the more you will get.
Being a member of your local guild, is the entry into a national community of construction professionals.
We require our members to follow all California laws related to licensing as well as all other laws that govern their business practice. We have provided a link to the California Contractors State License Board so you can verify the current license status of any member.

Click HERE to verify the license.

Any business with employees needs to have Workman Compensation Insurance in place. Be sure to verify this.

We recommend that you verify the current status of liability insurance of any member you hire.

Click HERE to report unlicensed contractors.

Santa Cruz Contractors, Professionals, Products & Suppliers

Your Hub of Local Construction and Home Improvement in Santa Cruz, California.

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We are a peer referred group of like minded local professionals dedicated to providing quality and value for the Santa Cruz area.

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