Join the Santa Cruz Construction Guild

We are a peer referred group of like minded local professionals dedicated to providing quality and value for the Santa Cruz area.

Membership is by referral only

Here’s what you get:

  • A custom member page that features your project photos, company and contact information, customer testimonials and endorsements from other Guild members.
  • We build your member page for you.
  • Need to change your contact details or add new photos to your gallery? We do that for you, at no extra charge.
  • Helpdesk and dedicated support staff.
  • You get a presence on a trusted local authority site with an 14+ year history, existing traffic and great search engine results. Your potential customers are already coming to the SCCG.
  • Your SCCG member page is like a mini-website. You can use it as your only website as some members do, or as a introductory site linking to your main site.
  • Attractive presentation fully optimized for computer, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Your page listed in every relevant category.
  • Information about you, your company, your contractor license number and your specialties.
  • A contact form that hides your email address from spammers, but lets your potential customers easily email you.
  • An attractively presented photo gallery of your work (with up to 36 images).
  • Testimonials from your happy clients right there on your page.
  • Linked-in style endorsements from fellow members.
  • The advantage of being part of a local network that can assist you with any issues/questions you may have, provide you with support, and even refer work opportunities to you. Guild members like working with other guild members!
  • Local press exposure via our relationship with the Santa Cruz Sentinel.
  • Become eligible for member special discounts
    • 10% discounts at A Toolshed Rentals & Redwing Shoes
    • And many more – the list is continually growing.
  • And more…

Guild member requirements.

You must be:

  • Local
  • Licensed
  • Referred by an existing Santa Cruz Construction Guild Member. If you have not been referred, go through our members list and contact members you know to ask if they will refer you.
  • Following CA state rules
  • Insured (not legally required, but highly recommended)
  • Producing good quality work and providing value for your clients
  • Want to build and extend your referral network

What is the Santa Cruz Construction Guild?

The Santa Cruz Construction Guild is a group of local contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and construction professionals working in the Santa Cruz community. Our members are committed to providing quality and value to the local community. Many of us have built up our business from the referrals of happy customers.

This is why we build our membership in the same way, by referral. Referrals are the best way to keep up the quality of our members, to build and maintain our good reputation.

The Santa Cruz Construction Guild website is a directory of our members. Each member gets their own member page, with their information and logo, specialties, contact details, contact form, a photo gallery, and customer testimonials. Your member page is like a mini-website. Some of our members have no other website, and no need for one. They get enough business through the guild.

And the best part?

We build it all for you. Yep, that’s right. You don’t have to find and hire a web designer to build a web presence for you (which can easily run upwards of $1200). You don’t have to worry about finding a reliable web host, which is harder than it sounds (good web hosting can cost $10-15 a month or more). You don’t need to hire an SEO expert to put you in the search engine results so that your potential clients can actually find you (since SEO is such a buzzword these days lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting themselves as experts when they are not, and the bad ones can actually do so much damage that they ruin your reputation and get you buried so that you are guaranteed to not be found in the search engines). And we don’t just create your member page then sit around twiddling our thumbs. We are constantly making improvements, working on our SEO (search engine optimization) and bringing you other benefits of membership in the Santa Cruz Construction Guild.

Membership in the guild also gives you access the mobile phone app we have created just for members. There are even more benefits and features in the app. But that’s a whole other story that you’ll learn about once you join.

So, if you can see the value in what we are doing, find an existing guild member to refer you and join now by clicking the button below.

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