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Hello! I’ve been working in every phase of plumbing for over thirty years and I continue learn and enjoy what I do. I’m grateful to get a chance to be a part of the creative process of each home I work on. Whether it’s finding ways to incorporate solar with your hot water & radiant floor heating , finding ways to conserve water, or making the impossible happen. It’s more than a job, it’s a way of living. - Lance Little


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Updated on January 04, 2024

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Peggy Gorman

May 14, 2021

Wanted to send my sincere thanks to guild for the very professional work done by your member Lance, at Radiant Heat.

He was professional in all areas answered my initial call with a timely site inspection…made a detailed clear bid on the job of replacing our 16 year old hydronic boiler heater and hot water-heater.

He patiently answered our questions in an articulated language we could understand. He was efficient and showed his extensive knowledge putting the system together!. The guild should be proud to have him in your group!

lisa maclaughlin

March 01, 2019

Do not look any further Lance is the answer to your radiant flooring maintenance. I am in the middle of an interior remodel and the boiler went out. Assumed I needed a new boiler but Lance came right out and fixed the problem (which no-one else could figure out). He not only said I didn’t need a new $8,000 boiler, that my problem was minor. What an honest intelligent man. unfortunately this seems to be the minority these days… L. Mac

Tom & Anne Carr

January 09, 2017

Lance & Andrew did a great job installing our dual hydronic heating system. We are enjoying the comfort and ease of heating our home after 44 years of wood only heat. We have both radiators and a radiant floor which we love.

Energy Construction Inc

March 21, 2014

Lance is our radiant installer, plumber and one of the genuine people we try to surround ourselves with. I would stop at that but I should add that is work is impeccable, his business communication is clear, his service is selfless.

Dan RhodesCEO
Energy Construction

Tanya Wendling

March 08, 2014

Lance designed and installed the whole system for our ground-up remodel/rebuild a couple of years ago. He is conscientious, reliable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with! Our radiant system works fantastically and even looks like a work of art! Lance had to come back a recently to troubleshoot a misguided attempt we made at water conditioning improvement (Rayne) and figured out the problem immediately where our other installers had been stumped. He’s exactly the kind of local, talented, dedicated pro that makes Santa Cruz such a great place to live!


December 03, 2013

Lance Little of Santa Cruz Radiant installed the radiant floors in our remodeled home 2 years ago. Our house size doubled, but our heating bill didn’t go up. The radiant heating is so much more efficient and comfortable than the forced air. Lance is so easy to work with and really knows his business well. Great job and we would and have recommended Lance for radiant heating jobs.

Terry Lapid

March 02, 2013

Lance is an amazing detective and craftsman. He diagnosed and repaired our hydronic system with ease and expertise. He was very attentive to the details of the job and went beyond the initial repair to fix the whole system. Plus he plays a great guitar!

Paul Chesler

September 27, 2012

Lance and his colleagues installed the hydronic heating system as part of our major remodel nine years ago. We loved it from the time it was installed. Lance has continued to maintain and service the system. He stands behind his work and responds quickly when needed. Fortunately, it is very infrequent. It’s reassuring to know that a local company is so competent and reliable.

Steven Cervine

March 13, 2012

I wanted to help my 80 year old neighbor out with her radiant floor heating not coming on and I couldn’t easily find the problem so I asked Lance to come take a look at it. He was so kind and helpful and easy for her to have in her home and he was able to fix the problem immediately! She is so happy to be warm again and so thankful for Lance’s generosity and willingness to show up and make it happen! Thanks Lance!

micah rodler

August 09, 2011

Lance was very helpful when I called with questions about radiant heat. He took time to thoroughly address my questions, though he knew he may not get any work out of it. Thanks Lance!!!

david jonas

February 17, 2011

Can’t find a better person for the job, reliable, honest, knowledgable, professional and not out to retire on your job.

Michael McBride

September 08, 2010

There are a lot of good guys out there working the trades in Santa Cruz. Occasionally you come across someone who stands out as an exceptional human being and a master of their trade. Lance Little of Santa Cruz Radiant personifies this.

Having Lance install radiant heat in our Aptos remodel was one of the best decisions we made. Our home is comfortable all the time. I would enthusiastically recommend Lance and Santa Cruz Radiant to anyone considering installing radiant heat.

Peter Boutell

September 01, 2010

Once I saw one of Lance’s installations of a hydronic heating system for a home, I was sold. He proved to be an excellent choice. My wife and I built a new home in the foothills of Mt Madonna in 2009 and had Lance do the entire hydronic heat installation. During installation he was courteous, considerate, efficient, neat and professional. I am so proud of the job he did, I show his work off just like I show off any other part of the house. His installations are a beautiful thing.

I have only had to call Lance once – when the power went off to our home. He told me the heat would come back on by itself and, sure enough, it did. While I have had no need for a service call after 16 months, I am confident he would be there for me, if necessary. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


July 09, 2010

Lance Little (Santa Cruz Radiant) installed the heat/water system for our ‘old house’ remodel. We started out with very little knowledge about radiant systems, but with Lance’s expertise, resource suggestions and guidance we quickly understood options. Lance has been straight-forward, responsive, easy to work with, and never pushes for more when less is quite sufficient. We look forward to working again with Lance when maintenance is required.

Ed Ortega

December 11, 2009

My wife and I are building a house and doing much of the work ourselves. But when it came to the radiant system, I quickly realized that I was in waaaay over my head. Luckily I found Lance Little. I did a ton of research on radiant systems and knew enough to realize that many plumbers who say they can build radiant systems have no idea what they’re doing. It’s easy to under-do and to over-do a system. Lance looked at my house and created a sensible plan for how to build out the mechanicals. He recommended high quality, yet relatively affordable components which he knew were reliable and even designed the system so that we could incorporate solar water heating later on. The great thing about Lance is that he didn’t try to overbuild the system as several contractors I talked to suggested.

After the system was installed and working, a friend of mine who is also an extremely experienced plumber saw what Lance had done and was taken aback. He studied the network of pipes and pumps and valves for a minute and then turned around and said, “wow, this guy is an artist!” I couldn’t agree more. Thanks Lance – you can use me as a reference any time!

michele with Boa Constructor

November 12, 2009

Lance Little of Santa Cruz Radiant cares about his work. Plumbing really can be an art and he has mastered it. He’s innovative and on top of the current technologies in radiant heat and solar. He gets the job done, efficiently, on time, is process oriented and able to listen to the needs of customers and contractors.

Pat McQuillan

November 03, 2009

Santa Cruz Radiant (Lance Little) has been doing business here at Bay Plumbing Supply for over 20years. He has always had a reputation that is fair and reliable with close attention to the homeowner’s needs. Lance only installs quality products and is still able to do the job at a competitive price. We are comfortable recommending Santa Cruz Radiant for any type of plumbing or radiant heating needs.

Pat McQuillan
Bay Plumbing Supply and Showroom
2776 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

Pacific Energy Sales

October 30, 2009

We here at Pacific Energy Sales have worked with the owner of Santa Cruz Radiant (Lance Little) for over 15 years. We frequently recommend him as we feel he is the most qualified installer in this area. His company has always stayed ahead of the technology curve. Santa Cruz Radiant consistently installs the most current, reliable and cost effective equipment to complete a comfortable, clean and efficient radiant floor heating system, at a competitive price. Five gold stars Lance- you deserve it!

-Jason Kockx
Pacific Energy Sales

Lynne Rondelle

September 30, 2009

Santa Cruz Radiant installed the radiant floors and rescued my plumbing from an extremely incompetent contractor. In the process of being owner builder Lance was very easy to work with. I must say having radiant floors is the best way to greet the morning.

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