Big Creek Lumber

Big Creek Lumber & Building Materials

Family Owned & Operated since 1946

By Big Creek Lumber on August 01, 2023

We currently operate a sawmill and wholesale sales department, five Pro Dealer lumber yards, a forestry department, and a logging operation.

Big Creek has a long history of practicing superior forest stewardship – growing, selectively harvesting and milling California redwood and Douglas fir. California redwood is natural, untreated softwood prized for its versatile beauty. It is very workable and is valued for its stability, durability and fire resistance.

Big Creek Lumber takes great pride in a long history of superior forest stewardship. We utilize a framework of progressive and conservative forest management practices, like selective harvest, to cultivate viable redwood forests that will remain productive and enjoyable for future generations. Big Creek Lumber is the first wood-products company operating within a redwood forest to have company lands awarded the “Well Managed Forest” Certification by the Forest Stewardship Council.

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