Mitchell Cartwright Builders

Review by Bill Comfort

October 25, 2010

It has been my pleasure to work with Mitch Cartwright on four different projects.

  1. Deck support and railing replacement in which the supports under the deck and a portion of railing were damaged by fungus. Mitch replaced the supports and blended in new trimming and railing that had to be replaced as part of the replacement.
  2. Diagnosing, locating and fixing a leaking pipe that intermittently caused damage in the house. Mitch identified the source of the leak, fixed it, and coordinated the sheetrock and texturing.
  3. Replaced single-pane with double-pane windows: Mitch contracted with several window providers to obtain the best prices and quality and then replaced the windows and re-trimmed them.
  4. Localized termite work: Mitch carefully removed the trim, and after the treatment, did an excellent job of replacing it.

Mitch is very trustworthy, cost conscious, clear-thinking, careful, shows excellent attention to detail, and is an outstanding communicator. His contracts are extremely clear and easily understood.

As an engineer I ask lots of questions. Mitch clearly understands and explains his choice for a particular approach and methodology on a project.

I highly recommend Mitchell Cartwright Builders and I will certainly choose him for my next project. Based on my experience, I would gladly ask him to build a house for me.

Bill Comfort, Aptos

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