Avalon Structural Inc.

Review by jim and carol

July 26, 2018


Avalon surpassed our expectations in all facets of price, quality, timeliness and responsiveness. To recap, our foundation had settled due to a small slope from one side of the house to the lower garage. While the settlement was the result of constructions standards in the mid-70’s including lack of rebar in our garage slab, which caused uplifting and cracking but no safety concern just a serviceability issue. When we first listed our home for sale buyers were hesitant to buy “as is”. Both timeliness of our sale was and a correction with warranty to allay any potential buyers apprehension were important.

Regarding price, Avalon was not the lowest nor most expensive. The most expensive was substantially more in price. As important, starting the work was critical and Avalon got to the work ASAP. The period of work was about 3 weeks. The thoroughness in the number and pier placements was explained to us in terms of getting our home relatively “level” again, and supporting any further settlement. The warranty of 25 years materials and 10 years labor is reassuring. It’s been simply amazing to witness this engineering feet. The lift resulted in only relatively minor cracks to interior walls and cement porch floor.

One important aspect was the assignment of experienced workers especially the on-site lead that had 18 years experience with your firm. Our interactions were highly pleasant and explanations were understandable to us as non-engineers.

In the end, we immediately had an offer on our home within 5 days of finishing your work. I can’t write enough about your stewardship of Avalon and communications with us. It’s such a great feeling to have selected such a great fit for us engineering company.

We would be happy to relay more of our positive experience with anyone interested in considering your firm’s engagement.

Jim and Carol
Los Altos, CA

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