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Review by John Gerhardt

May 20, 2018

I hired Laurie to assess the costs and feasibility of building an accessory dwelling unit in the backyard of our house in Santa Cruz City. I had already talked with the city planing department, which found no obstacles, and several local contractors and architects, all of whom encouraged me to proceed. It was Laurie who uncovered a problem not recognized by me or anyone else: the city’s requirement that we add another off-street parking place could only be met on our lot by widening the driveway. But Laurie noticed that widening would cause the driveway to overlap a storm drain, which she further discovered would cause the DPW to insist we relocate the drain at a cost in excess of $20,000. Luckily we got this information before beginning design, and incurred only Laurie’s very reasonable fee before realizing that our project could not be done within our budget. I heartily recommend Laurie to anyone considering a building project.

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