Michael Hartrich Design-Build

Review by Mary Minkus

September 14, 2009

We bought a duplex in 1988 which had been built in 1978. For the first few years, it didn’t require much, and we were not knowledgeable about regular maintenance. In the early 90’s, the picket fence around the whole property needed extensive repair/replacement. Our realtor and friend, Barbara Schatan, referred us to Michael, and the rest is history. It was clear immediately that Michael was skilled, smart, honest, a fine person, and professional. Since them we have hired him any time we needed work done on the building, and now we have extended his duties to what I would call project management. Every couple of years we ask him to look the property over and tell us what needs doing. Based on his recommendations, and his understanding of our limitations, we hire him to complete the required work. Now that’s trust! We’re still grateful to Barbara for introducing us to him.

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