Santa Cruz Radiant

Review by Peter Boutell

September 01, 2010

Once I saw one of Lance’s installations of a hydronic heating system for a home, I was sold. He proved to be an excellent choice. My wife and I built a new home in the foothills of Mt Madonna in 2009 and had Lance do the entire hydronic heat installation. During installation he was courteous, considerate, efficient, neat and professional. I am so proud of the job he did, I show his work off just like I show off any other part of the house. His installations are a beautiful thing.

I have only had to call Lance once – when the power went off to our home. He told me the heat would come back on by itself and, sure enough, it did. While I have had no need for a service call after 16 months, I am confident he would be there for me, if necessary. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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