Jarrod Swett P.E.

Review by Roland Kreview

December 18, 2022

Client - overheight deck rebuild

We recently completed a total replacement for our 1,300 square foot redwood deck. It is 16 feet off the ground so it had to be engineered and I elected to have it permitted.

A Fine Line Company in general, and Jerrod Swett in particular, designed the structure and submitted the plans to the Santa Cruz County Planning Department. Issues such as soil testing, size of footings, tree removal, additional support for the kitchen, and many upgrades to bring the house up to today’s codes had to be resolved. Amazingly, the plans were approved in just a few weeks with no challenges to the design. Shortly after approval, we decided on a change to the design. This time the Planning Department pushed back and demanded an incredible amount of calculations to justify the change. Jerrod performed all the required analysis expeditiously and we subsequently received our permit.

We are now enjoying a magnificently designed deck thanks to Jarrod and A Fine Line.

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