Bokulich Construction

Review by Sharon L.

December 13, 2022

Thank you Bokulich Construction! Over the last three years they have done several projects for us on our current home, both big and small. We are thankful for their time to make careful and timely estimates, think on our best behalf and get the work done and done well.

Our home was built in 1917 and not all of the jobs are always obvious or easy. Jobs Completed: 1) Bolted home to foundation, 2) Grounded and added electrical inside and out, 3) Replaced roofing on our studio rental, 4) Added insulation to our attic walls and floors, 5) Added ducts and heating system upstairs, 6) Wired closed our siding to the ground to keep any animals out.

Possible Future Jobs: 1) Tankless water heater to gain kitchen space, 2) Custom made windows for upstairs of our “Historical House”, 3) Windows for downstairs of the house, including a Dutch-door for back door.

Mike Bokulich has always been here for the estimates, checked in by phone before the services, checked in on his crew and subs, as well as inspected the final project. Mike, as well as his Production Manager John, their subs and his crew have all been kind, respectful, timely and family friendly. Since I am a stay at home  mom, it is important to me that the people in my home make me feel comfortable and are respectful of my space and schuedule too. Thanks again Mike and we look forward to another year of working together!

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