Dan Forshner Construction

Review by Stacy S.

December 14, 2022

Dan Forshner is an excellent framer, GC and finish carpenter. I met Dan in 2008 while interviewing framers to build a second house on the property on which my husband grew up. My husband and I had decided to owner-build, or be our own general contractor on the project, and Dan was one of the many framers we interviewed. Our project was a success mostly due to Dan’s expertise. I believe we would not have been able to accomplish the project without so qualified a framer. In addition, we ended up hiring most of the contractors that Dan normally works with (plumber, painter, etc) and they were all excellent.

The project went very smoothly and was completed on time and on budget. Dan was very easy to work with and managed my inexperience and consequent over-compensation well. Dan’s work is superb. He was able to match detailed finish work from the original home on the property and always had an eye for what would look best. We trusted and followed his advice every time. Nowadays we don’t have the time or desire to manage big projects, but they sometimes do come up. In those instances we call Dan to be our GC. In 2011 Dan completely restored the dining room in the original home on our property. We live in San Francisco now and it turned out beautifully with very little involvement on our part. I can’t recommend Dan highly enough. He is kind, reliable, fair and honest. I continue to hire him and the contractors I met through him to this day and will continue to do so in the future.

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