Milrod Construction

Review by Teri Morris

January 22, 2014

I recently completed a garage rebuild project with Milrod Construction, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

My project involved tearing down the old sagging garage and constructing a new building to be used for our business. Scott came highly recommended by my architect, and that was enough for me. Scott’s bid was very competitive, and detailed enough to give me confidence that we would not have too many surprises.

I found Scott extremely easy to work with. He’s a really good communicator, and gets his ideas across very clearly. When it was time to make a decision, I always had enough information to know the pros and cons of one way versus the other, so decision-making was easy. If Scott had a preference, it was clearly expressed, but I never felt I was being “managed” or herded in a specific direction. I feel that Scott is really on top of the latest techniques and technology, and has first hand experience with a variety of ways to do any given task.

Any change or suggestion was greeted with an open mind and a positive can-do attitude. I always enjoyed talking to Scott and kicking ideas around with him, he’s a genuinely nice guy, a real mensch.

Unlike some contractors, Scott works along side his crew and has a great crew as a result (thank you Antonio and Jesus!). Everyone on the job was incredibly thoughtful and courteous, and my neighbors couldn’t say enough about how helpful and friendly they were. This crew gets to the job at 8am and doesn’t start packing up until after 5pm, and they were very focused and productive.

The subcontractors were all part of Scott’s extended crew-family and he took complete ownership for their work, making sure everyone had what they needed to do their job efficiently and correctly.

The quality of the work was very high. My father built houses for 30 years and has very lofty standards, so I was really pleased that he described the working being done as “clean,” (that being his highest compliment).

I can’t imagine using anyone other than Scott and his team if I have another project, large or small.

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