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Scott Milrod

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Milrod Construction

Updated on January 03, 2024

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What They Say
Karen Gordon-Grube, Christian Grube

November 21, 2023

After our house burned down in the CZU fire, we were looking for a contractor to rebuild. Three people recommended Scott Milrod, one of whom was himself a retired contractor. From the very beginning, we were more than satisfied with Scott! He has a fabulous crew that has been with him for some 20 years, and they all worked together as a perfectly coordinated team. Each one obviously loves his work, taking priding in perfectionism, and Scott himself was always right there supervising, and working beside his crew. (He was also often the last one to leave—still hammering at 7:30 PM!) From others rebuilding after the fire, we heard stories of quarrels with a contractor, who wouldn’t accept their wishes. Scott, on the other hand, would offer suggestions, but always adjusted his ideas to fit our own. Scott was truly a friend in need. He helped us stay within our budget, and we passed our final inspection without a hitch. One of those who recommended Scott called him “the salt of the Earth,” and my husband and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe him. We can’t recommend him too highly!


November 07, 2022

Scott just rebuilt our house from after the CZU Fire. He said he would build us our dream house and he came through all the way. He does great work and has a wonderful crew. We were very involved with the build, being there almost daily, and Scott not only didn’t mind but was appreciative of all my input. Our home is very comfortable to be in. All the systems work beautifully and it is a very nice home to look at. Scott attends to every detail and is a pleasure to work with. He is a good honest man with integrity.

Angela and Doug Agur

September 27, 2022

It is our great pleasure to recommend Scott Milrod to you for a quality building project. We have a beautiful new garage to prove it! After our first meeting with Scott, we were convinced he was the guy for us. A great communicator, sensitive to every concern we had. Conscientious, respectful and efficient are just a few words to describe his crew. Cannot say enough about Antonio and Jesus. Except that we will miss seeing them. Scott’s credentials and outside involvement in the community were just a few things we learned while working with him. A wonderful experience. The subs, the communication, the ideas and his vast experience are all part of his excellent attention to our project down to the smallest detail. The project, a new two car garage, was finished on time. His crews and subs were here every day as promised. The site was cleaned and organized at the end of each day. A written review is inadequate to express our gratefulness and thanks. Well done!

Jim and Lisa Gallagher

March 16, 2021

Scott Milrod and his crew at Milrod Construction just completed a gas fireplace build for us. We absolutely love it and cannot say enough good things about this experience. Scott guided and collaborated with us on what we wanted, what would work, and what would not. He listened and made suggestions but most importantly followed and created what we wanted.

The gas fireplace was placed in an existing alcove that needed to be built out. Our large TV had to be mounted above the fireplace and we wanted a non-combustible mantel.
We also wanted some shelving or boxes built into the wall above the fireplace to hide our media electronics. This also needed to have all the cabling routed through the wall so no wires would show. Scott and his team worked with us meticuously to get this all done right. The result is the exact fireplace and design with stonework, mantel, hearth, and hidden electronics. To say that did a great job is an understatement!

We highly recommend Milrod Construction and plan to use them for future projects. Scott himself would call us and check in on material timings, design ideas, and just our overall experience. He is a very present and attentive contractor! This was overall a great experience and we are very happy with the fireplace.

Jim and Lisa Gallagher

JoAnn Gibson

January 26, 2015

We hired Milrod Construction to replace T-111 siding, install all new windows and doors (21 in total), and install basesboard and redwood trim for all the new windows and doors throughout our 3-level home.

Scot and his crew did an outstanding job on all levels… very professional, thorough, communicative, and cleaned up every day.
Scott, Jesus and Antonio were not only very talented but a delight to work with.

Scot was very good at looking both at the big picture and the littlest details, studying each piece of the process to make sure the right decision was being made. So many contractors I’ve had experience with in the past just want to get the job done quickly, without much thought or communication with the customer. Scot always showed us options for us to approve before completing a new task.

Scot was very good at listening to our concerns and finding solutions to address them, no matter how big or small.
All details were met with the highest quality.

Scot stayed on budget (even a bit under budget) despite all the “extras” that weren’t on the original bid.

Scot and his crew will be our “go to” contractor crew from now on and we’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!
JoAnn & Peter Gibson
Soquel, CA

Pat Garcia-Luna

January 22, 2015

Standard of excellence and quality, responsible, patient, problem solving, hard-working, conscientious, great communicator and educator, fair, funny, and caring. These are all characteristics that Scott Milrod has in abundance. He, and his wonderful crew, turned our “fixer-upper” condo into a little bit of heaven. When we started the remodel, I could barely walk into the condo without shuddering. We are now settled into a lovely, warm, light, and airy home as Scott promised. It is not just the result that is fabulous; the entire process went smoothly. Scott takes really good care of his clients. He is extremely responsible and responsive. He educates his clients with the latest in energy-efficient options and poses alternate ideas that he believes would improve the final product. Thanks to Scott’s suggestion and efforts, we have a gorgeous, fair-priced, custom-made-maple hand rail (Thank you Antonio for your master carpentry skills.) instead the aluminum pole we were contemplating. This is only one example of Scott’s desire to ensure a quality outcome. I could go on with many more instances of how much Scott cares. In addition, all the work was done on-time and for a very fair price. We recommend Milrod Construction and all of his crew and subcontractors very highly.

Susie Ellestad and David Watson

December 01, 2014

When we decided to remodel our bathroom a friend recommended Scott. From the moment we met Scott to discuss the project, I knew we had found, as I came to call him, “a friend of the house”.

Our house was built in 1930. Although the primary job was the bathroom, Scott noticed that the bedroom floor was sinking and also that the crawl space needed some work. Additionally, he made some great suggestions regarding our cramped hallway and slightly changed the entry way to the bathroom to improve access and replace the linen closet. We also had him replace four windows, rebuild front porch railings, patch cracked concrete and improve crawl space access.

Scott’s co-workers, Antonio and Jesus, are great. All three were regularly on the job, did great work, and a pleasure to interact with, as were all the other folks involved in the remodel. We were impressed with Eric Wilson, the tile guy. Scott and he transformed an old, ugly, cramped bathroom with something functional, light and beautiful.

As all have mentioned, Scott is careful and thorough with his communications and is honest about costs. We will definitely be working with Scott again.

Teri Morris

January 22, 2014

I recently completed a garage rebuild project with Milrod Construction, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

My project involved tearing down the old sagging garage and constructing a new building to be used for our business. Scott came highly recommended by my architect, and that was enough for me. Scott’s bid was very competitive, and detailed enough to give me confidence that we would not have too many surprises.

I found Scott extremely easy to work with. He’s a really good communicator, and gets his ideas across very clearly. When it was time to make a decision, I always had enough information to know the pros and cons of one way versus the other, so decision-making was easy. If Scott had a preference, it was clearly expressed, but I never felt I was being “managed” or herded in a specific direction. I feel that Scott is really on top of the latest techniques and technology, and has first hand experience with a variety of ways to do any given task.

Any change or suggestion was greeted with an open mind and a positive can-do attitude. I always enjoyed talking to Scott and kicking ideas around with him, he’s a genuinely nice guy, a real mensch.

Unlike some contractors, Scott works along side his crew and has a great crew as a result (thank you Antonio and Jesus!). Everyone on the job was incredibly thoughtful and courteous, and my neighbors couldn’t say enough about how helpful and friendly they were. This crew gets to the job at 8am and doesn’t start packing up until after 5pm, and they were very focused and productive.

The subcontractors were all part of Scott’s extended crew-family and he took complete ownership for their work, making sure everyone had what they needed to do their job efficiently and correctly.

The quality of the work was very high. My father built houses for 30 years and has very lofty standards, so I was really pleased that he described the working being done as “clean,” (that being his highest compliment).

I can’t imagine using anyone other than Scott and his team if I have another project, large or small.

Laura Gladstone

March 18, 2013

I highly recommend Milrod construction for any remodel. Scott was my contractor on a very in depth kitchen remodel after having been recommended by three other people who had worked with him. The process from start to finish was easy. His bid was competitive and he stayed within bid on the entire project. It was completed in a reasonable amount of time, his crew was friendly, helpful and very clean. Scott was highly professional and was clear about what would work and what would look good based on his experience. He works with a fabulous cabinet maker and his entire team works well together. He works to city code and ensures that all construction is well supported. I would recommend him for any construction projects and, would without a doubt work with him again.

Laura Gladstone

Sindy and Rob Long

April 09, 2012

We hired Scott Milrod for our kitchen/living room remodel. Scott was referred to us by a friend who had him remodel their kitchen. Scott’s bid was very competitive, he stayed on schedule, on budget, they cleaned up every day before leaving. Scott offered suggestions for areas that we were not too sure about, and we could not be happier with the results. It has been a real transformation, and Scott a lot of the work himself, and all the subs that he used were top notch. We highly recommend Milrod Construction!

Michael and Gina Rhoads

December 19, 2010

Summary: Scott and crew completed a major remodel/addition for us and the end results are stunning. Every time we walk through the house we admire the detail and craftmanship in every room that Scott, his crew, and his subcontractors created.

Details: We met Scott at the McDermott’s (see above) and at the end of that meeting we knew we wanted Scott to be our contractor. Our remodel/addition plans were developed over several years, and during that time we interviewed and received bids from several contractors, none of which we were extremely excited about. Within two hours of meeting Scott, we knew he was our guy – before we even requested a bid. Scott has a great way of communicating what he does and why, and that worked great for us. When you are going to spend many months with your contractor, communication and trust are very important attributes to look for.

Our project took 15 months to complete (it was a big job), included additional living space (900 square feet), extensive decking (almost 1800 square feet), and updates to every room of the house except the kitchen. The exterior was also completely updated with new windows, roof, lighthing, gutters/downspouts, paint and gas/electrical service locations. During construction we spent a lot of time with Scott (before work, lunchtime, after work) and we could not be happier with the way he communicates and the way he runs his business.

We would be pleased to provide additional details or pictures upon request via email.

Jill Ginghofer

November 01, 2010

I cannot recommend Scott Milrod and his crew of workers and sub-contractors highly enough. Scott is that rare contractor who listens to and tangibly interprets his clients’ wishes. In 2000-2001 Scott introduced the building designer I was working with to standard construction and then built a beautiful 5-bedroom 3-bathroom house. In 2007 I was awarded a land division and Scott built for me a wonderful 3-bedroom 3-bathroom home, again with his great crew and team of sub-contractors. In 2009 Scott built a third house for me, the 3-bedroom, 3-1/2 bathroom house in which I now live. Scott is creative and smart and works well within time lines. Scott is also conscientious about following up on after-care, should it be needed. All of these houses were admired by both County Inspectors and everyone who has seen them. I’d be happy to show these homes to anyone lucky enough to find Scott available to work on their project.

Levi L. Heid

October 19, 2010

Scott and his competent crew performed a significant add to our newer home in 2007. Being involved in the construction trades myself I was fairly familiar with the scoping and selection process. After talking to a couple other proposers we met Scott.

Scott had fully reviewed the drawing and proactively thought through some of the options prior to meeting my wife an myself.

After he left the scoping session my wife immediately said she thought Scott was the best choice. From a technical aspect Scott was most prepared and from a personal standpoint Scott was also a standout.

Needless to say the several months of construction that followed were as painless as we could have ever hoped. Scott and the crew were respectful of our lives as we remained in the home during the construction.

Permitting and inspection processes were also fairly painless. Milrod Construction is known and respected by the local agencies for their practical and consistent high quality work.

For our project Milrod Construction was clearly the best choice.


Steven and Mary Bignell

October 13, 2010

Scott Milrod first worked with us on a major two-phase house remodel in 1998 and 2001. We had a turn of the century home that we doubled in size (up and out) and we still get compliments at how seamlessly the old and new construction blend with each other. In 2009 he came back and renovated our old carriage house, added a potting shed, and put in a patio. We also hired him to do renovations/remodels on a couple of small older commercial buildings downtown (including adding an interior stairwell and new heating system.) He is extremely dependable, conscientious, creative and smart. When we took our building plans to the Planning Department, as soon as they saw his name listed as our contractor, they told us off the record that we were in very good hands. He has a great reputation with building inspectors and knows the ins and outs of local regulations. His staff and subcontractors were first rate, friendly and easy to work with. We could not recommend him more highly.

Richard Gula

October 13, 2010

Scott has worked on our house in Aptos in a variety of construction projects over the past twenty-five years. He began by helping us rebuild our parking deck and the deck around the house. Then he rebuilt our upstairs and roof after a tree fell on the house. Recently he was the general contractor for remodeling our kitchen.
We found Scott to be most trustworthy in following through on our plans and in the way he respected our property. We always felt safe leaving everything in his hands knowing that he would not only look after the house when it was vulnerable while being repaired, but he would also deliver what he said he would do. The workmanship was timely and firstrate. We have never had any complaints about the results. His gracious and courteous manner with all of us while making plans and decisions won the admiration of everyone. He would offer suggestions when asked and give us his evaluation of our plans so that we would be able to make the most economical yet judicious use of our resources and be in keeping with the environment we were trying to create in and around the house. We highly recommend him and will turn to him again in the future as needed.

Steve and Nancy Goldie

October 13, 2010

In 1991, when we were a young family with three boys under the age of five, our home was destroyed by a fire. After many interviews and bids by various contractors given to us by the insurance company or picked from the phone book, we had one last interview with a guy who had been recommended by a mutual friend. We were immediately impressed by Scott Milrod because he was the only contractor who came to us with specific ideas (he came carrying a sample of cedar siding) for our new house and possible improvements that we might want. When he left, there was no discussion, we wanted Scott! Scott and his crew tackled the massive project of the demolition and clean-up of what was left of our house and continued on from a new foundation to the framing, plumbing, and electrical to the roof. Every aspect of the new house was completed with quality and care. Scott was always open to talking to us and answering our many questions and concerns and he also welcomed any ideas that we might have in designing the shape of a room to the tile work in the bathrooms. Our new house was beautiful and custom-made. We have always contacted Milrod Construction first in subsequent years with other projects and he has never failed to help us or to refer us to the appropriate company. We will always refer our friends to Milrod Construction knowing that they will receive the same level of quality workmanship that we did so many years ago.

Bill and Trish McDermott

October 12, 2010

We have had Scott Milrod (Milrod Construction) complete three separate projects for us between 2005 and 2008. We just can not say enough about the quality of his work, his team, and his sensitivity to our cost concerns.

Our first project was the addition of a 612² ft. attached garage with a unique loft, a 62’ porch, and residing three stories with T-111.
Next was the total renovation of our kitchen and adding ~800² ft. of distressed hickory hardwood flooring.
In most recent project Scott replaced and enlarged a unique angled second floor deck of ~848² ft., built new railings and added a staircase down to the ground floor.

We must say that we very highly recommend Milrod Construction for any construction project you might envision. For anyone interested, we would be happy to discuss the scope and how each of our projects were accomplished.


Bill and Trish McDermott

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