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Essential Home Knowledge for Santa Cruz Homeowners: Know Your Critical Systems

As a homeowner in Santa Cruz, understanding the critical systems and key locations within your home is not just a matter of convenience—it's essential for safety, maintenance, and efficiency. Whether you're planning a…


Advantages of Choosing a Local, Member-Recommended Construction Association for Your Santa Cruz Projects

When planning a construction or remodeling project in Santa Cruz, the professionals you partner with can significantly impact the quality and success of your endeavor. Using a local, member-recommended association like…


Sustainable Home Improvements for Santa Cruz Homeowners

Whether you're upgrading your existing Santa Cruz home, constructing a new eco-friendly residence, or remodeling an older property, incorporating sustainable practices can significantly enhance both the environmental impact…


Local Construction History of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor

As we mark the 60th anniversary of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, we celebrate not only a landmark that perfectly encapsulates the coastal scenery but also the rich history of construction in Santa Cruz. Read on for…


Navigating Fire Insurance Challenges in Santa Cruz

As wildfire risks continue to rise, Santa Cruz homeowners face increasing challenges in securing adequate fire insurance. Major carriers like State Farm have been reducing their exposure in high-risk areas, often resulting…


Foundation Maintenance in Santa Cruz: A Homeowner’s Guide

In the unique environment of Santa Cruz, where coastal beauty meets seismic activity, homeowners face specific challenges in protecting their home's foundation. As the backbone of your house, the foundation ensures stability…


Santa Cruz County added ADUs at a higher rate than others in region

Check out how these Santa Cruz Construction Guild members are leading the ADU boom in Santa Cruz County as published in NBC Bay Area. David Parks of Parks Construction…


Roof Fire Protection Recommendations by Noe from Moriarty's Roofing

As spring arrives in Santa Cruz, it's time to focus on safeguarding your home against wildfires. Moriarty's Roofing, a trusted member of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild for over 10 years, shares expert advice on preparing…


Santa Cruz Homeowners' Guide to Backup Power Solutions for 2024

In Santa Cruz, the enchanting blend of natural beauty and the challenge of frequent power outages due to natural disasters calls for strategic preparation. The key to maintaining comfort and safety during PG&E power…


Building Responses to Floods by Daniel Silvernail Architect

Storm damage in Santa Cruz has been on the rise in recent years, making it essential to understand how to safeguard our properties. SCCG highlights expert advice from our community. Check out Daniel…


Navigating Post-Storm Recovery and Home Projects in Santa Cruz

For Santa Cruz property owners facing the aftermath of storms or considering home improvements, the Santa Cruz Construction Guild (SCCG) offers resources and connections to help. Our platform includes a range of contractors,…


The Four-Day Workweek by Eric Lamascus

We're all about celebrating our long-standing members by sharing their insights, providing mutual value, and strengthening our community. With that, check out Eric Lamascus of Elite…

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